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2023-02-21 14:34:40


Many of you leave your feedback, suggestions, and reports on our Social Media platforms - and we appreciate it. However, report like that can lack a lot of important details, which prevents us from implementing the best ideas and solutions into the game. In this article, we want to focus on bug reports and the way of making them more effective.

Why is it important to report bugs?

We are doing our best to eliminate as many bugs as possible before releasing game updates. However, some of the bugs are hard to detect, while others may appear only under certain circumstances that are impossible to reproduce during the tests (high server load, players from different locations, etc). That’s why reports from our community are so vital.

Let’s get to the term “bug report” and to what it includes. A bug report is a detailed description of an in-game error submitted to the Warface Team. It includes a step-by-step way to reproduce the bug, as well as some visual materials (a video or a screenshot). We also ask you to provide your in-game name and the exact moment when you experienced an issue. Please note that the messages on our Social Media are not considered as bug reports.

How to report bugs?

Bug reporting is available both in Customer Support and on our official Discord server. 

Customer Support

You can find detailed instructions on how to report a bug on a dedicated page of our Customer Support. In order for us to be able to collect and transfer the information to the game developers as soon as possible, please be sure to provide a detailed description of the encountered problem, the circumstances leading to it, and the map you have encountered it on. The Support team may request additional technical information if needed.

Customer Support for PlayStation | Customer Support for Xbox | Customer Support for Nintendo Switch


You can also report bugs on our official Discord Server (channel #console_bug_reports). Before submitting a report, please check the rules in the #info_and_template channel.

Please note, that if you found an error that gives an unfair advantage, it should be reported immediately. Abusing such bugs or spreading information about them to anyone other than the Warface Team may result in an in-game ban. Such bugs should be reported immediately directly to our team (via the Support Page or in DMs to Warface#6643 on Discord).

The reports timely delivered to the developers will significantly help to improve the game process.

Good news - players that submit the most helpful and detailed reports of the previously unknown bugs will receive a special in-game achievement.


Thank you for helping us make Warface better!

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