Update — 16.02.2023

2023-02-16 09:42:32


A fresh update has been installed on the game servers. During server maintenance, we've changed the rewards for some special operations, expanded the crafting weapon system, implemented technical measures to speed up match-making in some regions, and added the possibility to play 1v1 in custom PvP rooms.  

New Content

Crafting System Expansion

The crafting system has been extended with the "Blackwood" (ACR CQB Custom, F90 MBR, H&K G28 and Tavor TS12 Custom) and "Parasite" (HArms CQR, Fostech Origin-12, Bushmaster BA50, Thompson M1928, XM556 Microgun and SAI GRY LMG) weapon series. Details.

Content Changes


  • Implemented technical changes to reduce matchmaking time in some regions. We will analyze in-game data and your feedback to make further decisions.

PvE and SO

  • The rewards for all special operations except "Swarm", "Heist" and "Blackwood" have been expanded with a random box with cards for crafting the following weapons: Cobalt Kinetics EDGE Rifle, Typhoon F12 Custom, Cobalt Kinetics Stealth Pistol and Cobalt Kinetics Twenty-Seven. Details.
  • Operation Blackwood, Swarm: changed rewards for completing the special operations. Details.


  • Added the possibility to play 1v1 in custom PvP rooms. Details.

See you in the game! 

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