Become a professional warface: clutch soldier!

Enlist in the army consisting of more than 85,000,000 players

These soldiers are especially effective at close range due to the devastating damage and minimal spread.

They mainly use shotguns that deal damage to a wide area increasing the chance of injuring the enemy.

Only Medics can restore the health of the injured teammates and revive them. Skilled Medics will be able to maintain the combat ability of their allies for a long time, as long as they manage to stay alive of course...


The Riflemen are most effective at medium range due to the well-balanced damage, rate of fire and the recoil of their primary weapon.

These soldiers employ both assault rifles and light machine guns. The latter are especially useful in story-based Special Operations.

Rifleman's unique ability is replenishing teammates' ammunition on the battlefield. It's almost impossible to fight the enemy without ammo, so Riflemen are always welcome in any team.


SEDs are enduring and strong but slow. It is impossible to knock them over. SEDs can climb high places without teammates' help.

They are equipped with a heavy machine gun and a grenade launcher, which not only deals damage with a shell explosion but also blinds the enemy.


Engineers specialize in close combat and sabotage. Their arsenal consists of compact submachine guns suitable for intense short fights at medium range.

Submachine guns are the most rapid-firing weapons that help to easily stuff enemies with lead.

Engineers also restore their and teammates' armor, reactivate damaged SEDs, quickly defuse and plant bombs.


Snipers are especially effective at long and medium distances due to the devastating damage dealt by high precision rifles.

They use semi-automatic, bolt-action and automatic sniper rifles.

These soldiers carry an anti-personnel mine to cover the rear, and are able to immobilize the target by knocking it to the ground.

Thrilling PvE missions

69°18'09.3"N 122°48'06.8"E
45°38'48.1"N 26°24'37.3"E
0°28'28.7"N 21°43'56.6"E
30.0131° N, 31.2089° E
43°41'16.1"N 22°55'30.4"E
47°43'20.3"N 123°53'21.2"W
51.4045° N, 30.0542° E
39°09'17.9"N 148°56'12.9"E
RA 18h 2m 13s | Dec -23° 39′ 5″
37°48'10.3"N 150°41'32.7"E
66°21'56.7"N 14°34'24.3"W
35°03'55.0"N 115°22'07.0"W
[Russia-Siberia] Cold Peak

An entire mountainous region of Siberia has disappeared from the radar. Our attempts to break through the screen failed. It seems Blackwood has erected a whole base in the sector. We’ll have to get some boots on the ground.

[Eastern Europe] Cyber Horde

Eastern Europe is flooded with victims of failed human experiments. Eliminate hordes of enemies escorting an EMP vehicle to the laboratory where new monsters are created. Humanity is in peril — will you manage to save it?

[Africa] Earthshaker

The squad is deployed inside an active volcano! Seismic activity readings are disturbing. There is every reason to believe that inside the Blackwood research facility the Warface unit will have to face something absolutely new.

[Egypt] Anubis

The Warface squad goes to Africa to halt a massive advance of Blackwood forces. The soldiers are to prevent the launch of a ballistic missile targeting civilian objects, sink a submarine and wait for further instructions.

[Balkans] Blackshark

Our intel informs us there is a tower being erected in Eastern Europe. The Warface squad's task is to free hostages and destroy the skyscraper by blowing up the edifice before the main security systems are activated.

[USA] Icebreaker

The game’s up. The enemy is determined to snuff out the mere concept of our unit by destroying the Warface base. Your squad will strike the enemy in the flanks while the main forces will be defending the headquarters.

[Ukraine] Cyber Horde

Blackwood is developing a super-soldier project. Ghastly human experiments are being conducted inside a huge tower in Pripyat. Warface squad will be deployed to the abandoned city of Chernobyl to solve its gloomy mysteries.

[The Pacific Ocean] Sunrise

New enemy units, a thrilling storyline packed with plot twists, and breathtaking authentic locations. Get ready to walk on a blade's edge – you’ll need to show team play to survive combat encounters and see another sunrise.

[MARS] Mars

Blackwood intents to use Mars bacteria in their super-soldier project. Operate enemy robots to save colonists and turn the place into radioactive ash. Beware of bugs, the Red planet is overpopulated with all kinds of creatures.

[The Pacific Ocean] Hydra

Blackwood captured a Warface squad and Agent Noda. Euroalliance cannot help due to an unceasing artillery barrage from the enemy mobile naval base "Hydra". Your elite squad gets there. Repel the maximum number of enemy waves.

[Iceland] Blackwood

After Blackwood's torture, your will is broken. The familiar world crumbles in front of your eyes. Who's the real villain? Warface and Blackwood seem to be two sides of the same coin - have you been fighting for the wrong side?

[USA] Swarm

Not far from the crash site of the Martian colonist ship, in the desert the Blackwood base was erected. But beings that were contained in its depths broke out and now pose a threat to all living things.

10 PvP modes!

Plant the Bomb
Team Deathmatch
Bag and Tag
Battle Royale
Free for All


Bushmaster BA50
The Bushmaster BA50 is a bolt-action, magazine-fed rifle designed to take .50 BMG ammo.This sniper rifle has a very high chance of making a one-shot kill. Protective gloves and shoes won't save your enemies, even at long range!
Marlin 1894 Custom
The Marlin 1894 is a traditional lever-action rifle that has easy controls and delivers rapid fire with a powerful cartridge. It includes a new locking bolt, a two-piece firing pin, a one-piece trigger and a short receiver.
CZ Scorpion EVO3 A1
Evo3 A1 is a fully automatic submachine gun optimized for top-notch performance in close quarters. It is lightweight, compact, maneuverable, delivering swift justice to those who try to avoid Engineers’ well-placed explosives.
The F90 is a lightweight assault rifle manufactured by Thales Australia. It is well suited for use with amphibious forces, enabling operators to swim with the weapon and reliably fire it immediately after emerging from the water.
Fabarm STF 12
The Fabarm STF 12 Compact is an amalgam of innovative technologies for close combat fire arms and benefits from the latest developments and materials. It offers a high dynamic combat experience in all important areas of battle.
Developed during the early 1990s, the M60E4 is a further improvement over the M60E3 by Saco Defence. It introduces three styles of barrels and an improved belt feed with greater pull force for improved belt lift capability.
H&K G28
The G28 is a semi-automatic sniper rifle that provides a maximum effective range and a high first round hit probability up to 600 meters. The gun also allows accurate suppressive fire against human-size targets up to 800 meters.
The SAI GRY AR-15 is an assault rifle that is great for tactical operations and competitions. It is a premium weapon with an original jailbrake muzzle and extended mag—a weapon you can count on.
Desert Eagle
The large-framed, gas-operated semi-automatic Desert Eagle pistol was designed by Magnum Research in the U.S. and is primarily manufactured by Israel Military Industries.
S&W M&P R8
The S&W M&P R8 is an eight-shot modern tactical revolver chambered for .357 cartridges and staffed with a X1.3 reflex sight. The arm features a modern design, devastating damage and excellent accuracy.
Glock 18C
The Glock 18C, developed at the request of the Austrian counter-terrorist unit, is a machine pistol with a lever fire-counter selector allowing the weapon to become fully automatic in the bottom position.
Mateba Autorevolver
The Mateba Model 6 Unica (also known as Mateba Autorevolver) is a representative of a rare variety of semi-automatic revolvers. Only a few units of this type have ever been designed and manufactured in Italy.
Mini UZI
The Mini Uzi was developed as a smaller variant of the Uzi SMG. The arm belongs to a family of Israeli open bolt, blowback-operated submachine guns. It was adopted by police and military from over 90 countries.
H&K MP5A5 Custom
The H&K MP5 is a submachine gun developed by the German small arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch GmbH (H&K). The arm features comfortable recoil, great zoom speed and high damage, enough to guarantee a headshot in close quarters.
Kriss Super V Custom
The Kriss Super V Custom is an incredibly accurate submachine gun combining a highly technological design and unique automatics featuring a delayed blowback system. The gun is light and compact and offers three modes of fire.
The AK-12 is a modern assault rifle designed as the general issue weapon for the Russian army. It offers a good recoil control, suitability for various ammunition types, and compatibility with several accessories.

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