Egg Hunt Game Update is Live!

2024-03-28 11:32:01


The latest update introduces an Easter-themed event along with the Bounty Hunt mode, complete with shiny golden prizes and bug fixes. Will you be able to capture the eggs amidst the excitement?

New Content

Content Changes

PvP and Ranked Matches

  • Freezing Point map: added some missing sounds.


  • Added minor visual improvements of the item display in Random Boxes.
  • The old contracts have been prolonged until April 4th, you can now see the contract availability timer. They will be disabled with the next maintenance.

Bug Fixes

PvP and Ranked Matches

  • Freezing Point map: fixed a bug due to which some textures could disappear on the map.


  • Fixed the glowing effect of the Sea Hunter charm.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the scroll on the in-game pack page could sometimes work incorrectly.

See you in the game!

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