Cross-play is back for Xbox players

2023-06-29 11:50:05


We all have been waiting for this moment. After weeks of continuous work, we are finally able to deliver patches to the platform and re-enable cross-play for our Xbox players.

We appreciate your patience and support during these issues. This period of time was as hard for our team as it was for you, since the solution didn’t entirely depend on us. We want to thank you for continuing to play Warface!

But we know that a simple “thank you” won’t be enough. To compensate your time waiting for a fix, all players that logged into the game at least once starting from 00:00 UTC 01/01/2023 will receive the full list of the “Legends” Battle Pass rewards as if you’ve completed it fully. This list includes both progression rewards and the class contract weapons. 

In the previous announcement, we spoke about distributing a free Kredit pack, and we don’t intend to take back our words. However, the amount of Kredits has no longer anything to do with the length of the Battle Pass season's delay – we find it unfair to invite you to join the Battle Pass when it’s almost at its end. This is why we made the decision to distribute all BP rewards as compensation for the ~almost~ missed season. On top of that, you will receive a 1000K pack as a pick-me-up for the other activities you missed, such as the Warface Day event.

How do I receive the compensation?

All items will be delivered directly to the game within the following few days. We’ll publish a separate announcement as soon as we start delivering your compensation.

How do I obtain the seasonal content that was released before? 

Unfortunately, we cannot release all seasonal content, such as the Warface Day event again. However, you will have a chance to obtain some content that you missed. For instance, the legendary characters “Ursula”, “Oberon” and “Wharton” and their contracts are available for all players again till July 12th.

We hope that you will enjoy the new update and the new “Outlaws” event that await you in the game.

With love,
Team Warface

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