Submachine Gun CSV-9 Now in Game!

2024-06-28 09:55:43


A brand-new submachine gun for the Engineer class is now available in the game. The CSV-9 is here and ready for action and packing some serious heat!

About the Weapon

Say hello to the CSV-9, your ultimate sidekick for any mission! This compact marvel was designed by a company in the Czech Republic, and sure does pack a punch. The model’s sleek design and powerful firepower makes this weapon ideal for high-speed action. Its lightweight frame and precision engineering ensure you're always ahead of the game. Whether you're navigating a tactical mission or dominating a competitive shoot, the CSV-9 is your ticket to unbeatable performance.

The CSV-9 can be equipped with four unique attachments: the Vector Optics Ratchet RDS with 1.3X fast zoom, special suppressor, WDR Nero 556 Muzzle Brake and the BCM KAG 1913 Grip.


Score serious blows to your enemies and decorate your profile with exclusive achievements! Let your enemies know who’s the master of the battlefield.

Progress through the modification levels and unlock the Mastery skin to upgrade the model's looks and to show everyone you’re not the Engineer to mess with!

Elevate your gameplay with the CSV-9!

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