Soon: STK CMCR Aim Assist Nerf

2024-06-03 12:40:19

Hi friends!

We've seen your feedback on the STK CMCR rifle, and many of you have mentioned that it feels poorly balanced and overpowered. After analyzing the in-game statistics, we came to the conclusion that the weapon, indeed, provides too much advantage to its owners compared to other guns in its tier. 

To ensure fairer and more balanced gameplay, we decided to nerf its aim assist. Now, it'll require more skill to perform as efficiently as before. Here are the changes that will be implemented in the upcoming hotfix:

  • Aim assist strength will be significantly reduced,
  • Aim assist radius will be significantly reduced.

We hope these adjustments will improve your experience. Be sure to let us know what you think about the changes in the comments! 

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