Celebrate MY.GAMES' 5th Anniversary With Us!

2024-05-28 13:41:59


That's right — it's been five years of epic quests, adventures, and 5-star dreams, all thanks to you, our amazing players! We've battled side by side in every adventure across all our games. Let's make this milestone unforgettable together by joining in on the festivities we've planned!

And don’t miss out on the exciting surprises we’ve got for you in Warface: Clutch. The Arena calls!

Festive Items

To celebrate our project's anniversary, we've created a special in-game charm and a unique achievement set featuring the MY.GAMES logo. These exclusive items will be a fantastic addition to your weapon charm collection or the perfect start to one!

Contract Details

To snag these awesome items, you'll need to take up a special contract! Embrace the challenge, show off your skills, and win some festive goodies!

Social Media Activities

Our party wouldn't be complete without social media contests, and there's something for everyone. Join in on all the fun for a chance to win big!

28.05 till 31.05

Faction Face Off! Show support for your favourite faction under this post and win either a Myth HK433 or Crater SA Hellion for 7 days!

28.05 till 31.05

Event Currency Giveaway. Just a few Black Market coins short of purchasing your dream reward? Test your luck by joining our giveaway on YouTube!

28.05 till 01.06

Giveaway Arena. To celebrate, we're going all out. Join the giveaway on our Discord server for a chance to win 1 of 5 permanent SIG MPX Copperheads!

Content Creators

Giveaway Galore. Explore our partner bloggers' channels for a chance to enter a variety of giveaways! You never know when luck might come knocking!

Here’s to levelling up!

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