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Earlier this year, we have announced that MY.GAMES declared a business restructuring process to continue developing the game in a way that aligns with our vision and enhances the experiences of our community. Which meant that the game would be relaunched with a new title in the future. We’re finally ready to reveal the title and introduce you to Warface: Clutch.

Why “Clutch”?

The inspiration for the name came from the fact that in games and sports there are moments of pressure where you are required to summon strength, concentration and grit to make that match-defining play. This is what we want our players to experience, their moves, their strategy and their reflexes define the match. Frantic gameplay with a competitive edge, that’s what Clutch is about.

What’s changing?

The rename to 'Warface: Clutch' is part of a gradual process of improving the game. While we’ve already taken some steps to advance toward that goal, such as adding new content to the console version from the PC version, this is only the start. We want to ensure that the PC and console versions are matching in both content and patches. This also means that events (both seasonal and game related) are getting overhauled.

Behind the scenes, the development team is also being strengthened to deliver more high quality updates, but some features are already making their way into the game such as a new ranked matches system, new weapons and updates to the game’s contract system. A large update is still being prepared to ship before the end of the year.

We’ll share more news on the development of Clutch in the coming months. This is the first step of a long-running journey as we enter a fresh chapter.

This is just the beginning! Thank you for your support.

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