New Battle Pass "Treasure Hunters"

2023-07-27 12:00:24


A new Battle Pass as part of the "Treasure Hunters" season is now live in Warface! New weapons of the Abyss and Deep series and other thematic rewards, as well as a heap of parts, are available through the BP progression and BP contracts.

Rewards and Progression

Through the BP contracts, you can get 4 powerful weapons from the "Abyss" series: the HK433 assault rifle, the Taurus CT9 G2 submachine gun, the Kalashnikov USA KHAOS shotgun and the OTs-48K MK2 sniper rifle. Show your opponents that you have no equal from the pits of the ocean all the way to the battlefield!

Just as in the previous season, among the usual rewards you can get for reaching certain BP levels, you can get parts for upgrading your mods. In sum, you can earn up to 10,000 parts.

Main Battle Pass Rewards


The HK433 is a German modular assault rifle fit for 5.56x45 bullets. It has a number of characteristics similar to the G36 and the HK416. It offers a good combination of specs: high base and minimal damage, high fire rate and accuracy, as well as increased damage multipliers to the head and the extremities. The rifle has a number of unique attachments, including a hybrid sight. The golden version offers better fire rate and a more spacious magazine.

You can install mods on it, unique ones included. The first one increases reload speed by swapping the magazine to a smaller one, and you can unlock it on the second mastery level. The second mod changes the firing mode to bursts-of-3 and boosts damage, whereas the fire rate gets reduced, and the recoil – increased.

Taurus CT9 G2

The Taurus CT9 G2 carbine is distributed together with a number of unique attachments. The gun’s good damage, range, and fire rate, as well as increased damage multipliers to the head and the limbs, are balanced out by a modest magazine capacity of only 24 bullets. The golden version has a higher fire rate and a bigger magazine.

The first of the weapon’s available mods expands its magazine. The other changes the fire mode to burst-of-3, increases the damage by 15 points and accuracy by 25%, while reducing the fire rate by 10%.

Kalashnikov USA KHAOS

The Kalashnikov USA KHAOS uses a gas-operation system, it offers a better rate of fire, as well as the weapon changing and reloading speeds, compared to the nearest competitors in the medic’s arsenal. The model is available in gold as well, it offers better damage and fire rate.

The unique "Jury-Rigged" mod switches the weapon’s firing mode into bursts-of-2, increases accuracy, yet decreases its damage and range. The other unique mod—"Trick Shot"—significantly increases the gun’s accuracy in jumping and adds extra movement speed.

OTs-48K MK2

The OTs-48K MK2 is a Russian sniper rifle developed in the late 90s for special forces soldiers. Compared to its competitors, the OTs-48 MK2 stands out for its high damage, increased body and limbs damage multiplier, and good firing range. The golden weapon version has a more spacious magazine

The first of the two mods increases the weapon change speed and crosshair stability, while the second increases the dash speed, set off by reduced rate of fire.


You can earn up to 10,000 parts in the new Battle Pass main progression, and use them to purchase and upgrade mods.

Battle Pass Contracts

From the 30th BP level, you'll unlock four different class-specific contracts, providing extra BP XP, as well as the HK433 assault rifle, the Kalashnikov USA KHAOS shotgun, the OTs-48K MK2 sniper rifle, and the Taurus CT9 G2 submachine gun from the "Abyss" series as the ultimate reward. On top of that, a contract with a seasonal random box offering powerful weapons is available as well. 


New achievements

New charms

Sea Scope


Old Compass

Skull Talisman


Weapons and skins

Level Reward Access Type Level Reward Access Type
1 Deep H&K VP9 Match Premium 26 Old Compass Charm Free

Leviathan Squid stripe

Free 27 "Deep" skin for Push Daggers Premium
3 "Deep" skin for AS Val Custom Premium 28 Resurrection Coins (25 pcs.) Premium
4 Resurrection Coins (25 pcs.) Premium 29 Doubloon badge Free
5 Seahorse Charm Free 30 VIP Booster (7 d.) Premium
6 Parts (1,000 pcs.) Premium 31 "Abyss" skin for Mauser C96 Modern Free
7 Assault's Piastre badge Free 32 Parts (2,500 pcs.) Premium
8 VIP Booster (3 d.) Premium 33 Resurrection Coins (25 pcs.) Premium
9 Emerald Skull mark Free 34 "Abyss" skin for Cobalt Kinetics EDGE Rifle Free
10 "Deep" skin for SAR 109T Specs Premium 35 VIP Booster (7 d.) Premium
11 Parts (1,500 pcs.) Premium 36 Globe Charm Premium
12 Medic's Piastre badge Free 37 Resurrection Coins (25 pcs.) Free
13 Resurrection Coins (25 pcs.) Premium 38 Ocean's treasury stripe Premium
14 "Deep" skin for AWP Premium 39 VIP Booster (7 d.) Premium
15 VIP Booster (3 d.) Premium 40 "Abyss" skin for Cobalt Kinetics Stealth Pistol Free
16 Skull Talisman Charm Premium 41 Sea Scope Charm Premium
17 Engineer's Piastre badge Free 42 Octopus mark Premium
18 Resurrection Coins (25 pcs.) Premium 43 Mega VIP Booster (3 d.) Premium
19 "Deep" skin for VEPR VPO-X3 Premium 44 "Abyss" skin for Cobalt Kinetics Twenty-Seven Free
20 VIP Booster (3 d.) Premium 45 Parts (3,000 pcs.) Premium
21 Resurrection Coins (25 pcs.) Premium 46 Resurrection Coins (25 pcs.) Free
22 Sniper's Piastre badge Free 47 "Abyss" skin for V3 TAC-13 Premium
23 Abyss M1911A1 Premium 48 Mega VIP booster (3 d.) Premium
24 VIP Booster (3 d.) Premium 49 Piastre badge Premium
25 Parts (2,000 pcs.) Premium 50 Abyss Katana Premium

See you in the game!

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