"Outlaws" Event and "Retaliation" PvE Mission Now Live!

2023-06-29 11:39:53


A new event "Outlaws" has kicked off. For a limited period of time, you'll be playing the PvE mission "Retaliation". Moreover, the "Domination" mode is back. Have you missed it? 

The "Outlaws" event has a PvE and a PvP part to fit all preferences.

PvE Part of the Event

You'll be gaining the event currency by completing the PvE mission "Retaliation". Apart from that there'll be a special contract to earn the currency. Any PvE missions and special operations will count towards the contract progress.

PvE Mission "Retaliation"

In the mission, you will fight for Blackwood. The soldiers will have to search the enemy logistics base and uncover the secrets the opponent is hiding.

The warehouse is well guarded, and a lot of challenges will await you on the way: turrets, mines, electric traps, and the final boss. 

Good news for those who love a challenge! The terminal activation phase can be completed in three ways. You can activate the terminals one by one to chill out and eliminate enemies without sitting up straight on the sofa. Or activate up to three terminals at a time to reach the highest difficulty level and meet a mini-boss. That'll be sweaty.

So, you can complete the mission quickly but at an increased difficulty; or spend more time, but at a lower difficulty. In addition, there are several Easter eggs hidden on the map — can you find them all?

PvP part of the event

In the PvP mode, you'll be playing in the "Domination" mode on the "Sirius" and "Armageddon" maps. In order to win, you'll need to capture and hold more bases than the opponent. The maps' visuals have remained unchanged, they're still the classic old locations you are used to.

To start playing, simply start a match from the event interface. The map will be chosen randomly. The event currency is credited for every PvP match in the event mode. The better you and the team perform, the more currency you'll get. 

Currency gain and rewards

PvP matches, "Retaliation" and a daily SpecOps contract are your main and stable sources of the event currency. But if you need more, you can always complete special event contracts.

Once the event is over, all Black Market coins will expire. Don't forget to spend your savings!

What are the rewards?

That's the best part. You can spend the earned event currency in the event shop to get the recently announced device Throwing Tomahawk! 

Among other options are weapons and camos of a new "Cavalry" series (AK Alpha, Typhoon F12, Sentry 12, Kriss Super V Custom, CDX-MC Kraken, and Kel-Tec RDB-C) and the "Highwayman" weapon series.

In the showcase, you'll also find lucrative deals with a price reduction on parts and models from the previously released series.

See you in the game!

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