"Nuclear" and "Icebreaker" Skins for Crowns

2023-04-28 15:11:35


The shop has been updated with new items available for Crowns. Until May 12th, the following weapon skins will be available for 999 Crowns.

  • "Icebreaker" Skins:  CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1, CZ 75 Czechmate Parrot, Beretta ARX160, DP-12 and Bushmaster BA50.
  • "Nuclear" Skins: MAG-7, Honey Badger, Colt M1911A1, Tactical Axe, Beretta ARX160 and AX308.

"Icebreaker" Weapon Skins

The weapons of the "Icebreaker" series are made of an unknown material and have a bright appearance. Be sure to use gloves — the steel is as cold as Ursula's heart!

"Nuclear" Weapon Skins

This spectacular weapon series will delight players of any game mode. And the unique animation will make you a prominent figure on the battlefield!

Have a nice shopping!

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