Agent Buffalo now in Warface!

2023-03-31 11:29:20


A new agent is already available in the game! Ben Wheelson, aka agent Buffalo, has joined the ranks of operatives. Ben grew up in Kansas, in a family of Native American-Comanche descent. In his youth, he was fond of football and boxing. When he was serving in the army, he attracted attention of government officials. And after the service, he joined the ranks of secret agents. For five years, nothing was heard of him, until one day Ben returned to his native Kansas. He thought that he could find peace, but fate decreed otherwise...

The Agent is a part of the "Side by side" season. You can learn about it in a special publication.


Ben grew up in Kansas, in a family of Native American-Comanche descent. He was a tough guy, athletic, and obviously the captain of his high school's football team. However, Ben led an openly disorderly lifestyle and was not accepted into the professional football league. At the insistence of his father, he joined the army, where he continued competing in football and boxing, but now on behalf of his unit. Ben probably would have served his entire sentence without even touching a gun, but repeated breaches of discipline eventually led him to the brig. Command was ready to send Ben to a godforsaken base on a nameless island in the Pacific.

Yet just a couple of days before being sent to the brig, government officials came and offered Wheelson a job — they needed a healthy, resilient, and reckless specialist like Ben, and his lack of military experience wasn't an issue. Wheelson accepted the offer, and after only an hour, "left to an unknown destination" as stated in his file.

About five years later, he reappeared in his home state bruised, covered in scars and… missing a leg. But with a lot of money in his bank account. Ben Wheelson purchased a farm, which the state had seized from his father due to debt, and opened a garage where he spent most of his days. And during the night he would tell tales about his service at a local bar. Although he did omit classified details, of which there were many, he was more talkative than Dyke and Dr. May. Moreover, it turned out that they all served in the same unit, which took up special tasks from the European Alliance. On one of his missions, Ben was blown up by a simple mine, while covering for Francis, and it was Timothy who literally pieced him back together after the incident. But he couldn’t save Ben's leg.

Eventually, the town where Buffalo lived was attacked by Blackwood soldiers, who destroyed everything in their path, including the farm (apparently, in search of some VIP that was needed for their purposes). Once Buffalo returned after spending some time in the desert and found only ashes, he decided to find the villains responsible for this mess. But he fails solo and is captured and later rescued by Dyke and May, who are completing their mission for Unknown.

Agent Buffalo Set

In the agent's set, you'll find cool weapons of the "Motor Shop" series such as the Karambit, SIG MPX Copperhead and Makarov Pistol. Novelties are already in the game store.

Are you a weapon charm collector? We haven't forgotten about you! You'll find a stylish new item in the Agent set. Decorate your weapons with this exquisite accessory!

The game now features new achievements for eliminating enemies with new weapon models and unique spoils of war designed in the agent's style. Defeat your enemies with "Motor Shop" arms and decorate your profile!

How can I get the novelties?

We've added contracts with the agent content. Complete tasks to get "Motor Shop" weapons, boxes with the Buffalo Agent skin, unique achievements, a weapon charm, and other useful items.



Good luck in the game!

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