Soon in game: Event "Winter Brawl"

2023-01-30 12:39:28


Very soon, a new event "Winter Brawl" will be available in the game! You are in for a new PvP mode, a winter map, a new series of weapons "Aurora" and lots of fun. Read on to learn the details!

About the Event

Ever dreamed of taking on the role of a Heavy Gunner or shooting at enemies with a grenade launcher with recoverable projectiles? Now, you will have such an opportunity! Play the new "Brawl" PvP mode, complete special contracts and earn tons of rewards. Let's break it down.

New PvP Mode "Brawl"

Battles in the new mode will take place on the winter map Bridges Modern. Don't miss the chance to not only enjoy the combat, but also the beauty of these festive themed maps. And don't forget to take cool screenshots!

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This is where the fun begins! After the players are divided into two teams, the match starts. To win, one of the teams will need to score 200 points, before their opposing team does. If this doesn't happen before the timer runs out, the team that scored the most points wins. But to achieve victory, you will have to fight in pretty unusual conditions  — with the help of power ups, that can completely change the course of the game!

What you need to know about the power ups

Among the power ups, you will be able to find those that will increase your health, armor, and recovery or change your level of mobility. With great power ups comes great responsibility, keep in mind that some power ups can play a cruel trick on you and even take away your ability to use conventional weapons when you need them most. But don't be afraid of the power ups, because they will give truly incredible abilities and can turn you into one of the special classes:

  • Rocketman — a rocket launcher with an unlimited number of ammo that recovers over time will fall into your hands. You also don't lose your weapons and get additional protection from explosions.
  • Pyromaniac — you get a flamethrower and a Molotov cocktail.
  • Juggernaut — you will become the owner of a heavy machine gun with an unlimited supply of ammunition, but you will lose almost all of your mobility, and you won't be able to slide, run, jump, squat and help allies double climb. Your only weak spots left will be your head and the reactor on your back.
  • Ninja — is the complete opposite of Juggernaut. All your weapons are replaced by a single Katana with increased characteristics. In addition, your mobility is multiplied by increasing your running speed, sprint distance and the height of the jump, while the noise from your footsteps will be reduced. In addition, the Ninja will have reduced slide duration.

  • You will be able to pick up power ups on the map, which will play an audio alert and show up on the minimap when they appear.
  • Power ups appear randomly on the map. The first two appear 20 seconds after the start of the match, the next ones appear in pairs, but with an interval of 3 minutes.
  • You won't be able to pick up a power up accidentally, you will have to "use" the power up.
  • Depending on the power up you got, you will have a special ability that can remain active until the end of the match.
  • Upon the player's death, the power up is released and can be stolen by any other player.
  • Eliminating an enemy with a power up will grant you 4 points more than a regular elimination awarding 1 point.
  • You can only have one power up at a time, so if you choose to pick up another power up, you will lose the one you currently have.
  • In the event mode, you cannot change the character class during the battle. Choose your class carefully before the start of the mission.

Event Contracts

By completing free themed contracts of the event, you will be able to replenish your arsenal with the new Aurora Charm, as well as primary weapons for each class (except for the SED) from the series with the same name: AK Alpha, Typhoon F12, CDX-MC Kraken and Kriss Super V Custom.

Contract Rewards

The festive rewards include the new "Aurora" weapon series, a themed box, and a weapon charm.

"Aurora" Weapon Series

A weapon series that will make you starry eyed! The guns' frames show both the breathtaking beauty of an arctic aurora and the blood chilling ferocity of arctic beasts. The series includes the AK Alpha, Typhoon F12, Kriss Super V Custom and CDX-MC Kraken.

The event will start very soon. So stay tuned and share your impressions in the comments. See you in Warface!

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