Soon in Game: Battle Pass "Side by Side"

2023-01-26 12:27:15


A new season of the Battle Pass "Side by Side" will start in the game in February. Read on to learn the details of the new season.

Rewards and Progression

Apart from the usual rewards for reaching certain BP levels, you will receive parts for upgrading modifications. In total, you can earn 11,000 parts in the BP progression. The Battle Pass also includes the new "Strider" and "Wanderer" weapon series, useful consumables, themed weapon charms and achievements. Let's take a closer look at them!

There are 50 levels in the BP progression. You can still take part in the event for free. Just like in the previous season, free Battle Pass access opens only some rewards (marked as "Free") including cool thematic guns. You can check the full list of Battle Pass prizes in the table below. 

Level Reward Access Type Level Reward Access Type
1 Wanderer M48 Bowie Knife Premium 26 Grampa's Compass Charm Free
2 "Mossy Bark" Stripe Free 27 "Strider" Skin for Push Daggers Premium
3 "Wanderer" Skin for IWI Galil ACE 23 Premium 28 Ressurection coins (25 pcs.) Premium
4 Ressurection coins (25 pcs.) Premium 29 "Map Fragment" Badge Free
5 Utility Knife Charm Free 30 VIP Booster (7 d.) Premium
6 Parts (1,000 pcs.) Premium 31 "Strider" Skin for AK Alpha Free
7 "Assault Merit" Badge Free 32 Parts (3,000 pcs.) Premium
8 VIP Booster (3 d.) Premium 33 Ressurection coins (25 pcs.) Premium
9 "Broken Compass" Mark Free 34 "Strider" Skin for Kriss Super V Custom Free
10 "Wanderer" Skin for SIG 552 Commando Premium 35 VIP Booster (7 d.) Premium
11 Parts (1,500 pcs.) Premium 36 Slide Photo Charm Premium
12 "Medic Merit" Badge Free 37 Ressurection coins (25 pcs.) Free
13 Ressurection coins (25 pcs.) Premium 38 "Worn Map" Stripe Premium
14 "Wanderer" Skin for Mauser Kar98k Premium 39 VIP Booster (7 d.) Premium
15 VIP Booster (3 d.) Premium 40 "Strider" Skin for CDX-MC Kraken Free
16 Matchbox Charm Premium 41 Ressurection coins (25 pcs.) Premium
17 "Engineer Merit" Badge Free 42 "Mountain Elite" Mark Premium
18 Ressurection coins (25 pcs.) Premium 43 Mega VIP booster (3 d.) Premium
19 "Wanderer" Skin for Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 Premium 44 "Strider" Skin for Typhoon F12 Free
20 VIP Booster (3 d.) Premium 45 Parts (3,500 pcs.) Premium
21 Ressurection coins (25 pcs.) Premium 46 Ressurection coins (25 pcs.) Free
22 "Sniper Merit" Badge Free 47 "Strider" Skin for Mauser C96 Custom Premium
23 "Wanderer" Skin Ruger Mark IV Lite Premium 48 Mega VIP booster (3 d.) Premium
24 VIP Booster (3 d.) Premium 49 "Lone Peak" Badge Premium
25 Parts (2,000 pcs.) Premium 50 Strider Makarov Pistol Premium

"Strider" Series

The "Strider" series includes cool weapons that you can shape to your needs using mods (except for the Push Daggers, as they do not have mods). Take a look at the AK Alpha, Typhoon F12, Kriss Super V Custom, and CDX-MC Kraken. Their characteristics got improved in the latest update.

"Wanderer" Series

The guns of the "Wanderer" series look like they have been through rough and tumble and have lost their sheen. Don't judge a book (or a gun) by its cover. Their firepower and reliability is as high as ever! The weapons of this series are not modifiable.

New Charms and Achievements

As you progress through the Battle Pass, you'll come across customization items such as badges, marks, stripes, and charms. You will receive them as a reward upon unlocking certain BP levels. Moreover, among the Battle Pass rewards, you can find parts for upgrading modifications. A total of 11,000 parts can be obtained for reaching new levels of the Battle Pass!


Utility Knife


Grampa's Compass

Slide Photo

Battle Pass Contracts

Moreover, upon reaching level 30 in the Battle Pass, you will unlock four one-time class-specific contracts yielding increased BP XP and excellent weapons as an ultimate reward. There will also be a repeatable contract available awarding an exclusive box with powerful weapons. Check out the details below. 

See you in the game!

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