Legendary Weapon PvE Marathon

2023-01-05 09:02:15


We are launching a PvE marathon in Warface! Starting from today, by completing PvE missions on Normal and Hard difficulties, you will receive boxes with legendary weapons for different classes — now with mods. Every week, you will get a new reward. Thus, in a month, you can obtain modifiable legendary guns for each class, except for the SED.

Marathon schedule:

  • January 5–12 — CDX-MC Kraken for the Sniper;
  • January 12-19 — Typhoon F12 for the Medic;
  • January 19-26 — Kriss Super V Custom for the Engineer;
  • January 26-February 2 - AK Alpha for the Rifleman.

CDX-MC Kraken

The CDX-MC Kraken is a multi-caliber bolt-action rifle manufactured by Cadex Defence. The rifle uses high-caliber ammunition that inflicts additional damage to limbs and pierces vests protecting from one shot. The model comes equipped with exlusive attachments: a silencer, suppressor, bipod and improved scope.

The model can now be modified. The CDX-MC Kraken can eliminate the enemy with one shot in any part of the body, even if the opponent wears the best sets of equipment! To do this, you need to use the unique mod "Heavy Frame". It will significantly increase the damage dealt and set off this perk with a decreased ADS speed and rate of fire.

Complete the PvE Marathon missions from today until January 12 on Normal and Hard difficulties and get a chance to add these legendary weapon to your arsenal!

Have fun and good luck with the boxes! See you in the game!

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