Pripyat Update (January 29)

2019-01-29 10:17:54


The January Warface update is here! Now available: the new Pripyat raid, new PvP maps, and new achievements. Don't forget to pack your Geiger counter: it'll definitely come in handy.

Pripyat Raid

The Warface squad is going into the most atmospheric abandoned city on the planet! We've recently detected increased Blackwood activity here: enemy forces have converged on the region, helicopters are patrolling the airspace, and an enormous tower has been constructed right in the middle of the city for reasons unknown. In any case, it doesn't bode well for us. You'll have to fight to scout the area and find out what's going on.

Be careful: we recently intercepted information about new cybersoldiers that are impervious to firearms. We're hoping it's just a rumor.


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New PvP Maps

It's time to battle in a new location. Let's go!

Phantom Zone Map, Team Deathmatch Mode. The action takes place in an area of the abandoned city of Pripyat. We need to get complete control over this sector, but there's a problem: a sizable enemy squad. We'll have to show them that they're in the wrong place.

Exclusion Area Map, Battle Royale Mode. You have no friends here, but it's full of enemies who have been dreaming of killing you. Think hard about every step you take: background radiation is through the roof, and outside the safe zone you will find only certain death. But you need to hurry, since you only have 6 minutes to make it as the sole survivor in this hell.

Armageddon Map, Domination Mode. Events unfold on the grounds of a mining complex. The battle will happen among construction machinery, outbuildings, and pipelines, both within the underground workings and on the surface. Can you capture and hold the checkpoints?

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